How To Fix iOS 8.0.1 No Cellular Service And Touch ID Affair On Your iPhone

Apple has released iOS 8.0.1 download links, and are the follow up for the recent iOS 8.0 roll-out, which came with some significant bug fixes. But notably users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have encountered issues with HealthKit, Wi-Fi, and less time battery drain. Although, Apple hast acted in releasing the remedial iOS 8.0.1 update. How you can boot up iOS 8 / 8.0.1 and install on iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4S, iPad, iPod touch 4G tutorial is here.

Fix iOS 8.0.1 No Cellular Service And Touch ID Issues On Your iPhone

Unfortunately, it now looks like Apple introduced us with new bugs with the release of iOS 8.0.1. Reports surfacing that the updated version causes call services and Touch ID issues. Users constantly see ‘Searching’ or ‘No Service’ in the place of the carrier’s text. In particular, Touch ID is completely broken. Point to be noted that these affects raising around the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – other iPhone users are not reporting any major issues.

Here’s the full changelog details of iOS 8.0.1:

Fix-iOS-8-0-1-IssuesSet to integrate widely with Apple Watch, HealthKit is the multi-functional health suite first unveiled at this year’s WWDC, and with several bug fixes and general performance enhancements packed into iOS 8.0.1, which came early than expected to those running the latest flavor of Apple’s mobile OS.

You can now update over-the-air using the Software update option in Settings, or in an alternate way, connect your device to your PC or Mac and update via iTunes.

This is how to download and install iOS 8.0.1 on your iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Now, comes the actual one. Without wasting a minute, here’s how you can go through the downgrade process. Check it out!

How to Backup Using iCloud / iTunes – hit this link here.

Make a clean downgrade to iOS 8, and before that backup all the important files onto your PC or OS X system. Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Backup and hit the Back Up Now button to save everything to iCloud.


You can use iTunes to backup your iDevice. Connect your device to your Windows or Mac and launch iTunes, then click on “This Computer” under the Backups pane. Then click on Back Up Now. It will take some time, depending on how much content you have on your device.


Restore Using iTunes (Not Update)

Step 1: Download iOS 8 final IPSW from here. Download the correct firmware file created for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Direct links embedded below!

Step 2: Once boot up completes, connect your 6 / 6 Plus to your Windows PC or Mac OS X via USB, and launch iTunes. Turn off Find my iPhone, before you proceed, here’s how? Settings – iCloudFind my iPhone and turn it off.

Step 3: Select your iPhone from the left side column in iTunes.

Step 4: Holding down the shift+Restore on Windows and on Mac (Option key), click on Restore iPhone button.

iOS-8.0.1-2-600x275Step 5: Select the downloaded IPSW file and let iTunes going through the restoration process.

Restore completes, you’ll be back to iOS 8.0, you’ll see the Cellular and Touch ID working perfectly.

Obviously, Apple will come up with an official fix for this blunder in the form of iOS 8.0.2 in the near future, until then, this fix is your best option.

Update: Apple has pulled iOS 8.0.1 after reports of it breaking cellular connections and Touch ID for many users. Apple is now actively working on investigating the issue.

iOS 8.0.1 Download Links:

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