How to Fix Error 3200 iOS 5 Updating Via iTunes 10.5

Upgrade iOS 5 ? and got Error 3200 while Updating iOS 5 through iTunes ? How to Fix Error 3200 Now . An Internal Error Occured, when Upgrading to the newset Version of iOS 5 IPSW Software . This Error 3200 Occured in a result of Huge Traffic on Apple’s Server. Steps to Recover and Upgrade iOS 5 in iTunes are here and we are here to Share it.

Fix Error 3200 when Upgrading to iOS 5 in iTunes

How To: Fix Error 3200 While Updating To iOS 5

Step 1 – Download and Install iTunes 10.5 . Run iTunes for 10 Minutes and Close it.

Step 2 – Now Navigate to the following Folder Given Below:

* Windows:  C:\Documents and Settings\”UserName”\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

* Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

Step 3 – Now you have to Cut and Paste the files there to a folder on your Windows/Mac Desktop.

Important Note : Do Not Delete them, just Cut it and Paste It.

Step 4 – Now Put iPhone into DFU Mode:

* Hold the Power Button after Shutting Down the iPhone (Restart)

* While holding Power Button after 3 Seconds hold the Home Button too for more 10 Seconds Both.

* Now Holding Home Button, release Power Button and Hold the Home Button for more 15 Seconds, so that you will see the iPhone Home Screen is Blank.

Step 5 – Now Open iTunes and and Update iOS 5 in iOS Restore Procedure. While putting the Device in DFU mode only way to Fix the Error 3200 in iTunes.