How To Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview With Windows 7 OS [Tutorial]

As i think the newly released Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Win8CP) brought some great features with it. While Microsoft actually pushed it as a public beta so that everyone can experience the new Metro UI. Earlier in October 2011, a Developer Preview of the Windows 8 was first released and made us, you very excited to try it out as soon as it got downloaded.

After downloading Windows 8 CP by one Billion people, it shows that how its became popular these days. Some of us even cursed Microsoft for their shitty servers and the problems caused while downloading the Windows 8 Consumer preview installation image. (.iso). I am the one who tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview installation in different ways like i did with the Win 8 Developer Preview in the past.

Many were interested in installing Win8CP using VirtualBox virtual machine on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and some wanted to upgrade Windows 8 upon Windows 7 Ultimate and some wanted to Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview with other Windows 7 Operating system though. All these installation are very simple and makes sense. While i tried it on my USB Flash Drive and on my external hard disk drive too. Apart from this, today, even though i am late, i want to share this dual booting with you and with perfect steps, i mean complete guide.

The same instructions applicable with Windows 8 Consumer Preview dual boot with Windows 7, similar to Dual Booting Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Before you get started, please note that to download Windows 8 CP in ISO format and then by using PowerISO you can burn a DVD to install.

Step 1 : Download the Installer image (.ISO file) from here.

Step 2 : Using PowerISO you can simply extract and burn a DVD. Because its easy and installed perfectly.

Step 3: Now you have to create a partition in your hard disk drive, specifically for This Installation. For that you have to, right click on the Computer icon in your desktop and select Manage. Browse to the Disk Management section in the Computer Management window.

Now right click on your primary drive which has the maximum free space and select the Shrink Volume option [shown in image below]

* Just Shrink it to 20GB of space and Click OK.

* Now Click on the “Unallocated” block of that Hard Drive that appears and click “New Simple Volume”.

* Click Next on the next few windows until you get to the “Format Partition” window.

* Rename the Unallocated Volume name with “Windows 8″ so that you can easily recognize.

Now you are all set to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on that Partitioned Drive (Windows 8).

Install Windows 8 CP from USB or DVD

Step 4 : Burn it with PowerISO or Imgburn and burn it to a thumb drive:

* Make sure your Computer is set to Boot CD/DVD or USB in your Installation Media, and Reboot your Computer.

* When Prompted “Press any Key to Boot from DVD“, then hit a key (Example: Enter) on your Keyboard.

* Now you should boot right into the Windows 8 Installer, and looks similar to Windows 7 Installation.

* Choose your Language and Hit Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview

* It shows two options “Upgrade” and Custom Install“, choose Custom.

* Here you will be choosing the created partition for Windows8CP Drive, and once again format it and click on Next.

* Your Windows Installation continues and Reboots several times.

After Reboot, Installer will greet you with the Windows 8 Start Screen, and you have to Choose a Windows Live ID there and make sure you have access to your Email and can confirm your Computer.

That’s it if you followed the above steps correctly, you will be booting into Windows 8 Consumer Preview or you can choose Windows 7 too from the option panel showed in the below image.