How To Configure Notification Center in iOS 5

i Got Upgraded to iOS 5 on iPod Touch 4G . Want to Use the new Notification Center which i got with iOS 5 UpgradeHow To Configure This Notification Center work exactly how i want to. So, that i can keep all my alerts in a Handy little Pull-down Panel at the Top of the iTouch 4G Screen. How To Configure iOS 5 Notification Center on iPod Touch 4G to my/Your exact Choice of Preference.

Notification Center in iOS 5 Configured with Music Center in iPod Touch 4G

To Get set up, you and me are going to do a little work. Follow the Guide Below on Notification Center in iOS 5 Configuration and check out:

How to Configure Notification Center in iOS 5 iPod Touch 4G

My words about iOS 5 Notification Center. Awesome application, but you need WiFi Connected Everytime, so that you can Keep Notifications (Alerts), like Weather, News, Stock Exchange, Global Time and many Alerts that require Internet Connection or WiFi. How to Set up WiFi Sync in iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 , tells the Story about how can you Set up WiFi Syncing.

Now i started with Configure iOS 5 Notification Center to work perfectly with my iOS Touch Pad.

Follow Steps Carefully:

Step 1 – Open up the Settings app on your iPhone Home Screen (Mine is iPod Touch 4G).

Step 2 – Tap the Tab Labled Notifications

Step 3 – First tap the Weather or Stocks widget. These each have one option only: on or off. On will display the widget in the notifications panel and off will show you Nothing.

Step 4 – Now, Once again Go back to the Notifications Settings and Tap one of the Application Listed. You can see there are Settings for the Majority of apps. This is where you are going to Select what kind of Notifications, you want that app to Provide.

If you Choose Banner, shows a little unobtrusive banner at the Top of the Screen and Store the Notification in the Notification Panel and when you choose Nothing, it will notify Nothing. If you Choose Alert, the App will use the old style of alerts and shows a popup Message every time that application wants to get your Accepteance and Attention.

Now You decide and Choose the one which you want for the particular application.

Step 5 – You will now See an option to Turn Notification ON and Off at the Top for this Particular app. When you turn it ON, alerts will show up in Notifications panel, and if NO, they will not show. Below that option you can set how many alerts you want to show up in notifications. The default is five, but you can choose anywhere between one and 10.

Step 6 – You can also show These Alerts on the Lock Screen, which will at the Bottom from where you can Decide. This is really handy for message previews, but not particularly private.

Step 7 – When Finished with a Single application, then you will need to go through all of the other applications of you choice to Set them up the same way.

That is it, Notifications Center Configuration in iOS 5 Completes and enjoy Alerts and Experience the new iOS Notification Center on iPhone, iPod Touch 4G and iPad.

In my Thought, i am happy upgrading my iPod Touch 4G to iOS 5, but i am not IMPRESSED with the Notification Center. Because of not Understanding or anything else. But this iOS 5 Notification Center is pretty easy to use, and many loves to.