How To Change Default Web Browser On Windows PC

Are you running Multiple Web Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari , IE  , Opera on your Windows Operating System. Now you are facing some errors like Frash, or Restarting Web Browser, or when you are adding Firefox Add-ons on your Firefox Browser, then it can Crash or Restart Firefox. Google Chrome Browser also gives us several Extensions, when installing Extension onto Google Chrome, there you will be facing Problems as well as Opera Browser too, with a lot.

Multiple Web Browser on Windows PC - How to Change Default Browser

How to Change Default Browser (or Make Firefox / Chrome / IE Default Browser)

Like the above said issues may occur in Safari as well. Mac OS X Computer systems best Web Browser and also an iOS Mobile Browser is called Safari. Plugins can be Downloaded and Installed on Safari Browser, there you can face problems. Microsoft’s Best Web Browser is Internet Explorer also called “IE”. This Web Browser has less Add-ons and Extension or also called Plugins.

In my Thought: Use the Best Web Browser for your Internet Use. Choose the Best Web Browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s IE or Apple’s Safari Web Browser. But, chooes One. Actually, i Changed my Default Web Browser on my Windows 7 PC. Internet Explorer will be your Default Web Browser on Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8. If you want to Change Your Default Web Browser on Mac OS X, here’s the Guide on How to Change default Web Browser.

Or you can also Change & Set Google Chrome as your Default Web Browser on your Windows PC, Or Mac OS X. Are you areday, then follow this How to Change Default Web Browser on Windows PC.

Change Your Default Web Browser on your Windows System – How To

First of all Download Change Default Browser (Windows Utility), a Freeware Software, so that you can Easily Change Default Web Browser on Windows 7, Vista PC.

How to Turn & Set A Web Browser as Default Browser in Windows PC using this Free Software:

Step 1 – In order to Set or Make a Browser as your Default Web Browser, you need to first Download a Free Windows Utility or Software called “Change Default Browser”, Install it. Download Link is Embedded Blow this Post.

Step 2 – After Downloaded Software Installation on Windows PC Completes, now are ready to Launch Taht Application.

Step 3 – You will now See a Windows Screen showing up all your Installed Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari) on your PC. If they automatically Don’t Show up in any Reason, then Browse and Select to Choose the Web Browser Manually.

Select Web Browser and Set As Default Web Browser on Windows PC

Step 4 – Now Click on Radio Button of a Particular Browser to Select and Choose your Desired Web Browser, which you want to Set As Default Web Browser. Simply Click on Set As Default Browser Button.

This is it, You have Successfully Set a Default Web Browser on your Windows PC using Free Utility called “Change Default Browser” available as Freeware.

Free Download: Change Default Browser for Windows PC   (Supports, Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win Server 2008)