How To Bypass BBM Waiting List For iPhone And Android [TRICK]

Finally BlackBerry has officially rolled out BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android App Stores eralier to download it for free, but with a catch. Requires every iOS and Android users to sign up for a waiting list before installing BBM app and using it. Short word, if you don’t receive any invitation for BBM from BlackBerry, you can’t be able to use it on your Android or iPhone either. How to fix? That’s is what we are talking now, below is the guide to get rid of waiting list simply bypassing it.

Here’s the nifty little trick outed from the folks over at CNET, allows everyone to skip the waiting list and start downloading and using the much awaited BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone and Android devices right now.

What actually you need? Here’s that information:

Step 1: Download BBM for iPhone and Android

BBM For iPhone and Android
Step 2: Launch the app, start typing in your email address and tab on ‘Next’.

BBM iOS app

Step 3: Now, force close the app on your device. On iPhone, this can be achieved by double tapping the home button, swiping the app upwards from the multitasking screen. For Android devices, you can simply do this by navigating to Settings -> Apps -> BBM and stop the app from running.

BBM app

Step 4: Once again start the app, now, you should have the option to create a new BlackBerry account. Done! You’ll now receive a unique BBM PIN that can be used to start using BBM on your iPhone or on Android smartphone right away.

BBM iPhone app

Tried it already on my iPhone, tested it on my Android phone as well and now we confirm that it is still working as of writing this post. The loophole can be patched anytime by BlackBerry now. If you want to use BBM on iOS and Android, you better be hurry now!