How To Add Accessories Menu To Windows 8 Right-Click Context Menu [Tutorial]

The furthermost momentous, and highly talked about amendment that the UI of Windows has proficient in the freshly unconfined Windows 8 Consumer Preview, is the removal of the Start Orb. At the same time as some have entitled it as a step in the direction of the future, a good number of people have christened it as a blunder on Microsoft’s part. Yes indeed, the Metro UI based Start Screen of Windows 8 lets you access apps owing to tiles, but additional straightforwardly accessible and useful menus, such as the Accessories and System Tools menus, are exceedingly arduous to locate. It destined that to retrieve even simple tools like the calculator, snipping tool or defragmentation tool, you will have to either construct their tiles first, or search them using the global search function. In addition to entire useful tools coming out for Windows 8, a registry hack adds the accessories menu to the right-click context menu of Windows 8.

Windows 8 is the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows that follows Windows 7. It features a new Metro-style interface that is designed for touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, and pen input. It also adds support for the ARM processor architecture in addition to the previously supported x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD. Its server counterpart is codenamed Windows Server 8. A release date for the finished version of Windows 8 has not yet been announced. The most recent prerelease version is the Consumer Preview, which was released on February 29, 2012.

The Start Menu provided a specially nested list of programs for the user to launch, as well as a list of most recently opened documents, a way to find files and get help, and access to the system settings.

The hack was published outside of Microsoft documentation in 2007 and gained … title “[Registry Hack] VISTA – All Control Panel & Setting tasks at one place”.

Merely download the registry hack and run it directly. It will add a new Accessories menu in your right-click context menu with advantageous shortcuts, such as My Computer, Libraries, Control Panel, Notepad, Sticky Note, Regedit, Restart, Shutdown etc.

Download Accessories Registry Hack