How Can Competitors Catch Up On Apple’s iPad In 2012?

Apple has always tried to amaze people with “magical and revolutionary” devices that are “insanely great”. Magical is just intuitive programming but they have changed (“revolutionized”) product categories before. The iPhone and iPod touch are great examples. According to Steve Jobs the Apple iPad is another chapter in their magical revolutionary book. The Apple iPad many Award for its internet browsing, email, videos, music and eBooks. There was also a big emphasis on apps for productivity, games and others that are related to software for computers.

Apple says that, at the end of the business producing of Apple’s iPad range, Many of the individuals, those who have deep examination in the specific area  are asking  number of questions? whether rivals can launch a serious challenge to the undisputed king of the tablet market?

The fruit company which is credited with establishing back in March 2010 when the unique i Pad hit stores worldwide. For although portable internet/music/video players are sufficient from the likes of Archos, they not ever mastered to make much of blending amongst consumers those who did not know the use of deemed Novelty product.

In the consumer electronics industry big players tried their role for the last two years but they failed in the first iPad. After their trial it came to know that with various attempts at an “i Pad Killer”, all most all them are cheaper and more adaptable than the closed-source iOS. The most popular Galaxy Tab from Samsung or RIM’s Black Berry Playbook have followed akin/ comparable form of factor, which is having nearly 40+ million selling device from the Cupertino company.

Now it is the time to think how can the competitors change their approach in coming new year to make the consumrs to know about them and they have to apply new methods to win their formula to counterfeit.

The life of the battery is on of the major problem facing by consumers with their treasured gadgets. Features of the tablet are more important for the regular usage.

It is not a matter how will be the device, users are not looking for the beauty of the device just they want and only looking for the battery life and how the device is running. If they want to outshine with fruit company they should step their battery up just like Sam sung and Motorola.

Ideally apple finished its design With a smooth metal. A shiny plastic-encased unit shows a cheap and poor quality. so designers should have an eye on apple’s book and just try to create a nice looking device. If anybody is looking for an i Pad killer unequivocally they should look the part and feel like, for lack of better phrase, a decent bit of kit.

Basically due to Apple’s mobile operating system i OS and customer satisfaction rates are exalted across the entire i Device range. Over a half million apps are on hand at the App Store. Still the scarcity is 100,000+ even though the Android market is having a sufficient Good Will. When we use an i OS, everything will be smooth and will give the right experience. So that we can say it is a complete device and the i Pad would be just another device as opposed to the holy grail.

Are you thinking that the Google software can hold the tablet makers back, and manufacturers fighting a losing battle? If the competitor want to stand right he has to introduce something new which will feel an exclamation. Till today there is no alternative to competative with this device.

So, what’s in the pipeline? Well there’s been predominant conjecture of Google’s supposed ‘Nexus’ tablet, which is rumored to be a scaled-down 7 inch offering priced low in order to compete with the Kindle Fire. The manufacturer can expect an adequate amount of sales because of its lowest benchmark. In fact we cannot rate them. Apple will be in their place always.

Before a real assault can be launched to test Apple’s dominance, we might have to wait for the next iteration of Android. Jellybean  is the next course in the tooth-rotting Android line-up, and although there hasn’t been much in terms of official spoken-word, there are plenty of currently-lacking features which could dramatically improve on Ice Cream Sandwich.  via