Here’s The Lithium Ion Battery For Mobile Phone That Will Last For 20 Years Life

Have you ever thought of a battery inside your smartphone that can quickly recharge tp 70$ full in two minutes? Now, imagine that this cell will last 20 years before requiring a replacement. Yes! Developed by Nanyang Technology University! Full details after this power up!

Fast-charging batteries will power your gadgets for 20 yearsFast-charging batteries are usually good, but the lifespan matter as well. Talking about the new lithium ion batteries that can reach a 70 percent in only two minutes and lasts several times longer than the cells in your current laptop or smartphones either. How that’s possible? In this trick they have used titanium dioxide nanotubes for the ancode instead of graphite, which in result both speed up the battery’s chemical reactions while offering 10,000 charging cycles instead of the usual 500.

Smartphone-Battery-LifeAlthough these smaller titanium tubes anode are cheaper than otherwise and easy to make and the material is found naturally in soil and is commonly used as a food addictive or to absorb UV rays suncreens. Converting the titanium dioxide from its spherical shape into the thin nanotubes (1000 times thinner than a human hair) is what allows the chemical reactions to run even faster.

No definite timeframe is set for this innovation availability as yet. But the new cells could be ready to hit commercial markets by 2016. According to one estimate, the market for lithium ion batteries will be $23.4 billion in two years. Obviously, these long-lasting batteries should finally find a home in smartphones and could make it easier for all the tech gadget owners hold on to that handset that you’re had a couple of years, unchangeable. Don’t want to send back to the manufacturer for a new battery within 20 years.

Lithium-ion-BatteryNotably, the technology has already been licensed, and will eventually go into production, eventually see this in electric-powered cars and gadgets that use Lithium ion batteries.