Here’s How To Send Audio Messages Through iMessage On iPhone & iPad [Tutorial]

There is a will there’s a way, like WhatsApp and WeChat you can send some formats like videos, photos, audio, etc. Being an iPhone or iPad user, you have to think about sending audio messages via Messages app or iMessages. Here’s how to send audio files through default Messages app.

There are still iMessage alternatives, like WhatsApp, but the iOS messaging client plays the best role when it comes to communication between iOS devices and Mac users. iMessage is far more accurate and easy to use than WhatsApp, no doubt that Mac has iMessage, which makes it far easier.

Send Voice Memo using iMessageBy default, iMessage only lets user send photos as far as media content is considered. Only be able to send a photo that you just took or saved on the iPhone’s camera roll. Substitute apps integration has allowed iOS device users sending audio messages as well.

In order to send an audio message to your friend through Message or iMessage app, here’s what you particularly need to do:

Step 1: Open Voice Memo app.

Step 2: Record your message.

Step 3: Once recorded, the message appears right up (top) of the list of all voice memos you’ve stored.


Step 4: Tap on the ‘blue’ icon right next to the voice memo.

Step 5: Now click on Share button.

Step 6: Now, select the voice message.

Step 7: After choosing your voice memo or message from the saved list, now, hit Share directly. Once again select the message.

Step 8: Now, a new message with the audio attached will open up.

Voice-Memo-iMessage  iMessage

Note: If the recipient uses iMessage, then the audio message is sent as an iMessage, and not, the SMS goes as MMS and you have to pay for it (charges apply).

This way you can send audio messages to anyone who uses iMessage as default messaging app. Verry useful when anyone didn’t installed WhatsApp. The audio message sent via iMessage as an .m4a file format.