Better Way To Fake Your GPS Location On iOS And Android, Here’s How

Internet is the only place you can directly view it from the small window of your smartphone, and why the reason you want to spoof your GPS location is in question. There are certain parts of it are reserved for those that fit a criteria – location being a common example now.

Indeed, both webpages and apps might behave differently if you were somewhere else instead of where you currently are. For example, the apps and services differ, don’t work if you’re outside of the US.

The only way for you to use those is to physically move there. Or stay where you are.  When we go through details, you will wonder how it could happen for perfectly.

Android is quite versatile, even we continue to surprise ourselves with the types of functionality it has built-in support for. Faking your GPS location fits that bill in a better way. It’s not a newer feature, rather a feature available on pretty much any modern Android device, regardless of manufacturer.

Many other reasons on why you want to spoof your location, depends on their thought and most of them quite niche. But whatever it is that you’re looking further to do (hopefully nothing illegal). You can rest assured that the actual procedure is as easy as pie.

Of course, certainly you don’t even need to root your smartphone in any case.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fake your GPS location

Step 1: You will definitely need a GPS location spoofing app. There are many available on the Google Play Store, but for the exact purpose of this guide, we’re just using Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free.

Once you have completed the app downloading and installing process, navigate right into it. When asked to enable your GPS if it isn’t already, and you’re also advised to turn off Wi-Fi for best results.

Android devices usually use both to better and more quickly estimate your location. To be only tracked by your GPS, simply click the Location Settings button in the pop-up and head over to Mode within the menu that follows.

Step 2: Next, to be able to spoof your location on Android is to become a developer. No need to learn any coding, but need to activate developer options within the Settings menu Go to Settings > About device > tap Build number 7 times until you get the confirmation prompt as shown.

Step 3: Think that you’re a developer. For that, step back to the root Settings menu and go to Developer options (right above About device). Once inside the sub-menu, find the “Allow mock location’s” option and tick the check box right next to it.

Step 4 (Android 6.0+ only)

If your device already on Android 6.0+, you will be prompted to select a mock GPS app from within the Developer options menu after you enable Mock locations. Just select the one you’ve installed and you are good to go.

Step 5: Now, back to the location spoofing app. Once inside the coveted menu, select GPS only. That’s it. You are done perfectly.

All you need to do next is choose a location off the map and double tap on the screen to set it. From that point on, other apps and some services will be spoofed into thinking that you’re wherever you wish them to. Finally!

The aforementioned was all about mocking up GPS locations on Android powered devices, and below is for an iPhone location spoof.

Faking Your Location on iPhone

If you want to tell your iPhone and you apps that you’re in a different location than where you originally at, this tip can help you a lot on your iPhone.

Actually, faking or spoofing your GPS location is many reasons, is some want to do it for privacy, since many apps track your location in the backgrund, and by default.

Your location is attached to phones you take with iPhone. Others like to bypass blackout restrictions in certain streaming apps in order to watch live sports or catch their favorite TV shows and movies.

Well, you can also fake your GPS location in various dating apps, if any. Many popular apps has paid feature that lets you change your location, but you wouldn’t need to pay for it with a way to do it yourself, for instance.

Particularly, we have been seeing many users looking to fake their location on iPhone for Pokemon Go to try and get to specific places to catch Pokemon without leaving home.

As long as you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can fake your location, that too, if you want to get specific right down. Faking your iPhone location is possible, only with a few jailbreak tweaks.

You can download from Cydia that can eventually change your location to wherever you want, but perhaps no tweak is better than LocationFaker, because it is really easy to use.

First of all, you will need to download LocationFaker via Cydia by tapping on the search tab at the bottom and typing in “LocationFaker” in the search field.

From there, the downloaded tweak will install as an app and appear on your Home screen. Open it up to get started.

The installed app will show your current location, but you can easily drag around the screen to change the location for the green pin. You will get the ability to zoom in to be more precise with your face location that you want to set up.

Just after finding a location that you want, tap on the ‘Off’ button in the lower-left corner to enable LocationFaker and begin to fake your location. The button will automatically tun to ‘On’.

From this place, you can exit the app while still keeping it running in the background. You can then go into any app where it will use your fake location. Somewhat like, Google Maps will think I’m located somewhere that I’m actually not in, and even Tweeting with my fake location will work magically.

This will also work with Facebook Messenger, as well as the Camera app whenever you take a photo and have your location enabled. Also, it can even add certain locations to your favorites to easily come back to them when you need them, which is of course the coolest feature of the entire tweak.

These are two of the best GPS spoofer apps available for Android and iPhone to easily fake locations without any fuzz.