Here’s How To Download Android Apps In APK File Format [Download APK Extractor]

Installing an Android apps from Google Play is prety simple – open the Store, find your favorite software and press that big “Install” button. Although, the Apps for Android smartphones come in the form of packages which are installed manually, and not via Google’s app store. Full details on how to install apks via usual and simple way, right below!

APK-ExtractorThe packages that have an “.apk” extension, their who;e code uses are numerous. For instance, one can have an online backups of apps stored as APKs. Even if that app gets pulled from the Play Store, nevertheless cna be installed from an APK file.

The .apks are particularly used when sideloading apps on phones running rooted or forked Android versions as these don’t come with the Play Store officially. In particular, Amazon Kindle Fire and Nokia X phones supports this.

The apks files can be downloaded from the internet, and the safest way to extract Android installation packages directly from an Android device. Notably, this method described here works for free applications only! Paid Android apps are protected against extraction for several reasons.

Before you go ahead and start extracting apps for Android phones, the downloaded apps comes with additional data during installation, which might not be usable if installed from an extracted APK.

Apps that download extra files after they’ve been installed should seemingly work fine. Here’s how you can turn your own Android app into APK installation files.


That’s it! The extracted APKs can be now copied onto another Android smartphone or tablet and installed with the help of file manager apps for free on the Google Play Store, including ASTRO File Manager, ES File Explorer, and Explorer.

How to extract APK file of any app on your Android phone – step-by-step guide in here.

(Download APK Extractor from Google Play Store)