Here’s How Notifications Page Look Like On Android Wear Smartwatch [VIDEO]

Since it has been believed that Google would be entering into the smartwatch game this year, and this concept was confirmed with grand unveiling of Android Wear. Already with several OEM partners on board, the search giant’s ecosystem for wearables looks set to flourish, and having given the first glimpse of the user interface, the Big G today has showcased Android Wear notifications on the fly.

According to the official Android Developers Google+ account, it has been published that the notification system on your Android Wear device will be closely tied in with the Android smartphone or tablet, delivering a nice, rich, interconnected experience that should function and sync cordially.


What else? Although the smartwatch displays are too smaller, notifications will still be visible without being overly noticeable. Up the bottom part of the UI, an Android user will be able to see and act upon said alert either by direct, touch-based interaction with the smartwatch, or by means of voice controls, altogether.

The Pebble has however shown that there is in fact, a significant market for this kind of Power Rangers like technology at this point.

The Samsung Gear line-up and Pebble have predominantly appealed to geeks, but having already been impressed by the teaser shots of the Motorola Moto 360 – with its traditional charm and stylish finish – it is acceptable that such rising technology will hit the mainstream section of the market in months and years to come.

Motorola and LG in line, has already confirmed that their intention to build exciting new gadgets and experiences on Android Wear, and products with the latter already having reached advanced preparations of the G Watch set to release in this summer.



Google about Android Wear preparation at this point, definitely has a solid foundation from which to build the smartwatch platform, and such, we’re expecting a relatively smooth and polished system right from the off.

Did you know! Google decided to take matters into its own hands and build a special version of Android designed specifically for wearable devices.

Finally, the glimpse at the notifications system looks very optimistic indeed, and if your interest has been provoked by all this talk of Android Wear, be sure to stay tuned to our digital tech coverage here at Grabi!

(Source: Android Developers [Google+])