Here’s First Social Network App “Renren” For Windows 8 Released – Install Now

Just a few days ago Microsoft has pushed the prerelease version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview as the public beta, and the stiore that features Metro applications which runs on the Consumer Preview. In just 24 hours time, public has downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview one billion times. As we saw that some quitly apps making their way to the newly released Windows store. But wasn’t having any Social Network application available for the Win 8 Consumer Preview yet. Don’t worry about that, becuase we got some good news for those who are waiting for such type of app. Details after the jump!

The first Social Networking app to make it to the Windows Store is “Renren HD”  app from the Chinese Social Networking Site Renren:

Renren HD is designed to be fully-integrated with Windows 8, a generational change on Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Through “share contract”, a range of content from different applications can be shared at a single click, including web pages, pictures and videos. Customized for Windows 8, which focuses on integration with social networks and optimized for tablet usage, Renren HD has adopted features such as tiled Metro-style user interfaces and creative content delivery, resulting in a significantly enhanced user experience.

While the final Windows 8 Versioin to be expected to released in the second half of the year, tillthen you can enjoy using this Social Networking Windows 8 apps, by the final version comes the store will have a strong app base for the consumers who will buy the final version as well as the upcoming tablets and laptops.

Here you can get the complete detailed information of “Renren” Windows 8 Consumer Preview Social Network application now available for download and install.