Handful Of Angry Birds Game Titles Now Available For Free Download

Right now its a big offer presented it to all the Windows Phone handset owners of some hot new games, and of course a crazy app deals in the Windows Phone Store. Believe it or not! Several Angry Birds titles went free in the Store, and are you ready to go and check the game titles going for charge free. Angry Birds games in specific can be grabbed after this break!

Now that being an Angry Birds fan and owning a Windows Phone 8 handset? Then, here we got you a good news and thats a handful of Angry Birds game titles are available for free in the WP Store and make a hurry, because it is for a limited time offer.


Which Angry Birds titles Windows Phone users are going to get? We have no idea, but earlier this month, Rovio has updated several game titles on Windows Phone 8, which are now available for free of cost. Although there on Rovio’s blog there’s isn’t any update or promotional giveaway wasn’t seen, but the Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars were updated on Windows Phone 8. Right away snag the free Angry Birds game titles.

The list of applications includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars II and Angry Birds Space. Free on Windows Phone Store!

QR Angry BirdsQR Angry Birds RioQR Angry Birds Star WarsQR Angry Birds Star Wars II
While Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds are still showing up with attached pricing. Download Angry Birds titles for free right now from Windows Phone Store. Some games that are free in the UK may not be available for free in the US. So, you need to try your luck and check the games you can download for free. Means, according to WP Central, all the games are not available for free in one country.

How to get free Angry Birds Games for Windows Phone 8 devices? Visit the Windows Phone Store and search for Rovio, it will show you handful of games, based on locations, the titles can be downloaded for free. Either way you can download the whole collection by changing stores on your device.

Note: Here’s how you can change your stores and download complete Angry Birds game collection for free. Winphollowers ! (Via WPCentral)