Google+ App on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Available on App Store Soon

Google+ Client on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has been submitted to iOS App Store and will be available Soon, if no other issues are found. Actually, Google launched Google+ as a Social Networking , that Capture ed the Headlines in Recent Days.

Google is promising Current and Future Google Plus members that this Google+ for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is coming soon, where this Awesome Social Networking App already available in Android Market Store.

Google+ Logo


According to Mashable, this Google Plus (Google+) for iOS iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (Google+ for iOS Devices), could arrive soon, because this App has been submitted by Google for Inclusion and this Submission was confirmed by Erica Joy, a Google Employee via her Google+ Account.

If you see the Video Below, posted by Google in YouTube last week. This Google+ for iPhone will include the “Huddle” feature that works as Apple’s iMessenger, or like BlackBerry Messenger. Where you can grab Google Plus Mobile app for iPhone via iPhone Web Browser, and the Mobile version of “” Website.

Many tested the Google+ Mobile Version using iPhone and iPad’s Safari Browser, and worked smoothly, but on the Android native app worked better than iPhone.

Via Mashable