Google Voice: Integrated into iPhone & Android Style – Download GVIntegrated

Google Voice gets Integrated into iPhone and Android Style with GVIntegrated’s Primary User Interface. Unloke Google Voice Apps This GVIntegrated’s is the same Phone Application you already use, that allows you to specify which Calling experience you prefer globally and as well as per Contact.

You are going to Simply install this GVIntegrated’s and just login through Settings page and you are their to Start Calling Globally. This GVIntegrated’s also allows users to specify Default aclling Rules and per Contact Rules as well.

GVIntegrated options are configured from the Settings App, so that now new Icons are added to the Home Screen.

Download GVIntegrated for Android

Download GVIntegrated for Android  Download GVIntegrated for Android

Download GVIntegrated for iPhone

Download GVIntegrated for iPhone - Cydia   Download GVIntegrated for iOS

Download GVIntegrated from Cydia store for $1.99 and Install it in a simple way. Thanks to a new tweak by Justin Williams and iClarified.