Google Voice Gets Native MMS Support On Verizon


One of the biggest phobia of Google Voice has been the absence of MMS when talking to Verizon subscribers, which was already announced last month for almost all the carriers in the United States and Canada leaving Verizon into the wild. Now that the problem is solved and below are the details to grab.

Google Voice finally lets you send MMS messages through Verizon
Voice now finally supports MMS when Verzion customers are involved, so shouldn’t be any rude surprises when either end wants to share more than just text. Google considering it and is simultaneously adding native MMS photo support for everyone who uses Voice in Hangouts. Recipients can apparently see pictures in-line rather than click on a link.

Google’s Dylan Salisbury in a Google+ post. said,

We are also adding native MMS support for photo messaging to Google Voice. If you opt in to Google Voice in Hangouts, you can now attach photos to any SMS message and it will be delivered as a native MMS (instead of SMS with a link).

Google’s move takes Voice one step closer to integration with Hangouts. Additionally adds MMS support to Google Voice as well as brings for group messaging via MMS will also be implemented at some point in the coming future. Reports from users suggest that upgrades may not have reached everyone yet, don’t panic if people are still receiving links.