Google To Start Selling User Profile Pictures In Ads, Here’s How To Opt Out

Is Google following Facebook? Just like by announcing that it will include users profile names and photos into ads that their friends might see, all about incorporating. Facebook also started such advertising in the past, but got in trouble for selling profile pictures and names on Sponsored Stories ads without asking permission first. Google does something that reminds everyone of just how close to the creepy line it likes to sail. Hooking into email, social networking and obviously the entire Web. Google knows all of us, and what we do online. Full details on Google Ads and opting out of its personal endorsement right after the fold.

Yesterday, many on the internet web noticed the first revisions to its terms of service, and just after shifting through the wall of huge and lengthy text, they were presented with one real state issue that has been causing  something of a fuss online.


Google is in the past, current and future is a big search giant, which wants to be just like the social network station “Facebook”, ready to start using profile pictures and names in ads, which they called “Shared Endorsements.” Google Adsense/Adwords are one of the biggest business advertising programs, and now the search giant plans to use our Google+ profiles in conjunction with its online ads to try ads and help users make the right choice when clicking ads and links around the Internet.

Endorsements are personalized ads which will amount to ads with Google+ users and their faces appearing alongside Adsense ads. Google claims this will help people choose products that their friends like, and avoid those they don’t and talking about the theory is perfect anyways, when you ignore some particular aspects of it. What about the problems?


Here is the answer, when people start to see their faces show up across the Internet Web and the old creep-factor starts to reach eleven on the scale. Plenty out there already knows about Google, and such movies will definitely not help their mood anyhow.

Disable and enable is in your hands, turning the whole thing off is a piece of cake. Inside your Google+ profile’s settings, there is a new tick box lets you turn endorsements on or off. Turning them off means your profile photo won’t appear as part of Google’s ads, which is thankfully a big win for those that don’t like that kind of thing in the first place.

How to Disable your Profile Pic from appearing in Google Ads

Step 1: To make that happen, head over to the Endorsements section of your Google+ settings, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

Step 2: Now, scroll to the very bottom, and you’ll see the tick box that says: “Based on my activity, Google may show name and profile photo shared endorsements that appear in ads.” Simply uncheck this.

Google Shared Endorsements
Step 3: Hit the big blue save button right next to it, and now, confirm that you do want to turn Endorsements off. And you’re done!


Endorsement ads

That’s it, now your social activity data won’t be shown or used in advertisements on the Google search. What do you think about this action? Starting from November 11 , Google will be implementing its new Terms Of Service ( TOS ) for all Google users  ( Here is a simplified version of the TOS ).