Google Swiffy Tool Convert Flash Files to HTML5

Swiffy Converts Flash SWF files to HTML5 – What Is Swiffy ? and How Swiffy Converts Flash Files to iPhone Friendly HTML5 . These are the two Qestion and Answer, you are going to Get Here via ” Convert Flash Files to HTML5 using Google’s Swiffy ” Post.

Swiffy Converts Flash SWF Files to iOS Friendly HTML5

Actually, Swiffy is a Converter to Convert Flash SWF files to HTML5 , allowing us to Reuse Flash Content on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad , which are not having Flash Player . But, this Google’s Swiffy supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScripts 2.0 , and then output works in all Webkit Browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Mobile Safari and exporting your Flash Animation as a SWF 5 file might give better results if Possible.

Google Labs Launched this Swiffy to Convert Flash File to iPhone Friendly HTML5 , which is a new Web-based Tool that allows developers to easily convert Adobe Flash animation SWF Files into HTML5 . So, that Developers can make Flash Ads and basic ActionScript Interactions, that can accessible to Users on devices, those Do not support Flash Players like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

More About Swiffy : Actually this Flash Converter Tool released earlier this year and that is Similar to Adobe and called WallyBy. The difference between Wallaby and Swiffy is, Where Wallaby is a client only runs on a Mac or Windows PC, and the code is designed to be edited and re used, and while goimng to the Google’s Swiffy is a Web Based Tool and code is optimized and compressed in such a way, which make Editing Difficult.

If you visit the Swiffy Demo Page , there you can try the power of this Tool, in addition to Converting basic banner Ad Animations, Click Event Interactions can also be Converted into HTML5.

Important Note – Swiffy is not going to Convert Videos, Games or Complex Animations .

Where Swiffy only takes the Advantage of more advanced AVG features, means that the only browsers that support the Converted Code right now are Webkit-Based. As i wrote in the post, Safari and Chrome on the Desktop and Mobile Safari on iOS will also supported by the Converted Files. Via