Google+ Circles And Google Plus For iOS App Gets Updated With Interface Redesigned In Web Client And Instant Photo Uploads

Google has pushed a new layout design to the Google Plus Circles section of its social networking site. Google+ for iOS app gets updated with major change of instant photo uploads, a feature that Android users having for some time now. Details after the jump!

Google designed the +Circles section of Google plus to make it easy for users to customise your existing connections, as well as discovering new ones. The new Google+ Circles update brought a new left-hand navigation menu, together with a quick access to your email address books, along with bringing a new feature that shrinks Circles down when they are viewed on smaller resolution screens, plus quick links to see who has you in a circle and to search Google+ for new friends.

As well as the layout features Google has also added quicker methods to locate people within the Google+ social network. Aprt from this topic, we will now go through the Google+ iOS app. Upon launching the updated app, Google plus will ask you if you want to turn on Automatic uploads, and whether you want to upload over Wi-Fi and 3G or just Wi-Fi only. Once activated, any picture you snap in the native iOS camera app or in third party apps like Instagram is uploaded to a private folder on Google+.

You can also choose to share photos through new posts, add to albums, or delete them completely. Uploads from our iPhone 4S at full resolution were relatively quick over Wi-Fi or 3G, and they’re easily accesible for sharing through the app or once you get back to your computer.

There’s a few other smaller changes included in the app, like a new “what’s hot” stream that contains popular trending posts and bears some similarities to Twitter’s “discovery” page — but instant upload is definitely the main attraction here.

Googler Sean Purcell explains in his blog post announcing the new changes:

“building on earlier work by +Simon Tong, +Jeff Dean and +Sanjay Ghemawat we’ve made lots of improvements to “Find People.” Simply type the name of a person or page you’re interested in, and we’ll suggest related individuals and organizations to add to your circles. We’re always working to make Circles fast, fluid and fun, so let us know what you think in the comments, and keep the feedback coming!”

Find out more detailed information on the Google+ Circles update and Google Plus for iOS +App update, heading to this official link here.