Google+ App for iPad & iPod Touch Available for Download – iTunes

Google+(plus )iOS App for iPad and iPod Touch Download – Now Google+ App for iPhone has updated to support previously missing iOS Devices, “iPad”, “iPod Touch” . After releasing the original Google+ app for the iPhone revealed, all the users are urged to Download this Google+ Update as soon as possible from their Devices iTunes App store.

Google+ App for iPod Touch/iPad Download - iTunes

In addition to iPad (not fully optimized interface) and iPod touch support, the new version of the iOS app includes minor new features that have been requested by some users, namely the ability to customize +Huddle, Google+’s instant messaging feature, aggregated circle add notifications and the same old “Performance and stability improvements”. These apply to every device, including the iPhone.

When this update changes the Application’s screen with new Settings allowing you to choose which circles should be displayed with in the stream. You can also set from whom you want to get message through Huddle+. You can choose either let everyone do it, extended circles or just your Circles.

Going to the +Circles, which allows for effortless management of contacts and their respective permissions; +Hangouts, which makes online multi-person video conversations easier than ever. As with any other social network, media and posts can easily be shared and appear on every follower’s “stream”.

To keep in Mind : First you have to Enter your Google+ Login details again once you update this Application. If you are a Developer then this Google+ app will not work on iOS 5 Beta.