Google Play Store APK 4.4.21 Leaks: Download Offers New Slide-Out Navigation Menu, Bug Fixes And More

The latest Google Play Store APK of version 4.4.21 has been leaked, which can be downloaded and installed on most of the Android device models right now. Download for free!

No denying or tired, waiting for Android 4.4 KitKat launch in particular, then you now can have at least get a piece of chacolate candy without having to wait for Google to make the whole treat available to all. Today, Google Play Store 4.4.21 update is available to download, giving users the chance to upgrade ahead of Google’s own planning roadmap. If being able to show off the latest version of Google Play Store APK sounds like your pocket, then ready ti be hitting that download link.

Updates to the Play Store brings nothing interesting to report as far as concerned yet. The most noticeable change here you’ll get is the menu-accessible navigation buttons that Google has done away with in favor of a slide-out panel, which is pointing the design angle that most mobile developers seem to be going for these days.

Only real change in the new Google Play Store v4.4.21 could be the addition of the three line hamburger navigation menu that leads to a slide-out panel. All the rage these days among your cutting-edge code jockeys (geeks). Something that was perhaps first really prevalent on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but both the Android and iOS now takes advantage of slide-out panels in order to reveal menus and the like.

Currently, about the timescale for an official release of the Google Play Store 4.4.21 is unknown. In fact at this point it’s a fairly safe bet it will launch alongside Android 4.4 at the latest, or even before that, if lucky enough. Google Nexus 5 is also in the launch scene, whichever date Google ultimately selects to release 4.4 KitKat will certainly include the imminent unveil of the Android Play Store update.

Google Play Store leaked version is compatible with everything running 2.2 Froyo and higher than that, and now you’re good to install it right now on your Android device from the link which we’ve embedded below. Notably, besides the new navigation menu, the 4.4.21 update also kills bugs and enhances the performance of the Play Store. The APK file should be compatible with your Android powered smartphones!

Expected to here from Google about the launch of Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5. Sooner than later we will of course cover the announcement here at Technical News Updater. Stay tuned to Grabi!

Download Google Play Store 4.4.21 APK right from here.