Google Play Movies & TV App Released For iOS Devices, Get It From Here [Download Link]

Google has officially launched its Google Play Movies & TV app for iPhone and iPad, allowing iOS users to watch movies and TV shows that have been purchased on Google Play.

Although, it’s known how Google makes the iOS experience better for Google service users and today they stepped a bit further with the release of Google Play Movies & TV for iOS . In addition to providing a way for iOS users to stream Google Play content directly to their devices, the app is also a boon for Chromecast users with iOS devices, as it will give the ability to stream moves and TV concerts purchased from Play Store to the Chromecast device.

Now that you could previously stream Google video content via YouTube and this new application simply presents you with a better user interface to access and stream this content.

Google has already proven itself to be more than willing to bring their offerings to the iOS platform, with that in mind to adopt iOS being shown once agin with the sudden availability of the Google Play Movies & TV app for iPhone and iPad.

In the past there was an unofficial method on how to watch Google Play videos on your iPhone or iPad using the official iOS YouTube app. Hitting the main YouTube menu, scrolling down and selecting “Purchases” list displayed all content purchased through the Play Store using that email address, as well as allowing it to be immediately viewed within the app. But it was just a handy method, not it’s no longer needed thanks to Google’s generosity in bringing the Play Movies & TV app to the iOS App Store.

Watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from wherever you are. Buy or rent movies by visiting Google Play Store on any computer and watch them from any device over Wi-Fi using the Google Play Movies & TV app.”

Limited content for iOS users has been an issue for Chromecast since the device was first launched in July last year, especially designed to compete with the Apple TV and Roku set top-boxes. Chromecast users on iOS have been restricted to movie and TV content from apps like Netflix and YouTube that have implemented Chromecast support, while Android users have had official access to movies and television shows from their Android version of Google Play Movies & TV. Finally, the iOS Google Play Movies & TV app released.

The app is universal that runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as a single download. Movies and TV shows that have been purchased directly through the Google Play Store can be accessed and viewed directly from within the app. Now available at iOS App Store.

Users who are active within Android and Google ecosystems can hit the Play Store on a compatible device or computer, purchase or rent a TV show or Movie and then stream it through an iOS device using the new Google Play Movies & TV app. Still great to see that level of choice for consumers.


With the addition of Google Play Movies and TV to iOS, Chromecast users have a much larger library of content to access, which puts the device more on par with the Apple TV. Chromecast users with iOS devices, like Apple TV users, can now access a service that provides a wide range of recent movie and TV show downloads.

Note: iOS users cannot purchase content directly within the Google Play Movies and TV app due to Apple’s restrictions, so movies and shows will need to be purchased on the Google Play Store on a computer before the content can be accessed within the iOS app to be streamed to a TV.

Google Play Movies & TV is a fairly standard iOS offering. The user-interface is immediately recognizable, with the Mountain View company opting for a minimal but functional design rather than going for anything elaborate. Content is arranged and structured depending on the type of media, with large thumbnails showing the album art and the name of the show or movie.


Although the app is available to download now, it does come with a few precursors. TV shows are only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan and users must have a Wi-Fi connection for streaming content and there is no option for offline viewing.

Google Play Movies & TV joins Google Play Books and Google Play Music as the third Google Play app available on iOS.

(Download: Google Play Movies & TV for iOS App Store)