Google Nexus 6 Named ‘Nexus X’ On Best Buy, Reportedly To Launch On Oct. 31

Motorola’s next iteration of the smartphone rumored ‘Shamu’, will now to be called the next Nexus handset, reportedly to be called it the Nexus X (and not Nexus 6 as previously speculated), if this leaked screenshot of a listing at US retailer Best Buy is to be believed. Alongside this one, yet another report about the smartphone’s secret launch is already being planned, release time frame also revealed in new report. Halloween, around October 31!

Nexus-X-mainBefore we go into the actual news we’ve to note that every year, Google comes with a new Nexus smartphone, and although LG is usually tasked with building side of thing’s, it’s reckoned that Motorola will be at the list for this year’s edition. Already we got Nexus 4, then followed by the current flagship Nexus 5, and thought that the Big G would take wraps off the Nexus 6 later this year, but as per the new report, it may well be given the “Nexus X” moniker.

The alleged Motorola Nexus X Xt1100 Best Buy listing was spotted by Tktechnewsblog. It notes that the smartphone’s two-year contracted price will be $499.99 (roughly Rs. 30,000) on Sprint wireless carrier. As per the listing, the spotted Nexus X will feature a 5.9-inch quad-HD (1440×2560 pixels) display, and a 2.7GHz quad-core processor, along with Android LMP operating system.

Why name-change? Google doesn’t want to encounter any trademark issues. Continues PhoneArena:

The Philip K. Dick novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, which later spawned the Blade Runner movie, features Nexus-6 androids, and rather than tread on anybody’s toes, the report suggests that Google will go a slightly different way with the naming.

The listing however specified some features with powerful agenda, and the rear-facing camera will apparently be a 13-megapixel affair, and if it manages to remain at the same price prospect as the Nexus 5 can currently be found on the Play Store, then we’re in for a real treat.

The Nexus X, is what the last Nexus handset we see from Google? With the company evidently set to ditch the line-up in favor of Google Play Editions handsets released other vendors. In fact devices like HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5 can be snapped up sans all of the additional bloat ware, and we do hope that the Google Nexus X won’t become the last.

The anticipated Motorola Shamu, was expected to be called the Nexus 6. However, referring to an earlier dispute with the family of author Philip K Dick, the Nexus 6 is a name Google may not be able to use. Aforementioned!

google_nexus_7_rearAbout Google Shamu from Motorola, the alleged specifications suggested: with a 5.2-inch Quad-HD (1440×2560 pixels) display, a quad-core 2.7GHz (precisely 2649MHz) Snapdragon 805 processor (APQ8084), Adreno 420 GPU, and 3GB of RAM. The primary rear camera was suggested to be a 13-megapixel camera, while there will be a 2.1-megapixel front camera also onboard. The device was also listed to run Android L.

For the release date, a PhoneArena claims that it has been told that Google is planning a secret launch around Halloween, just like the launch of the Nexus 5. Also says that Google might launch the alleged Nexus X without an announcement.

Stay tuned! Will you be grabbing the next Nexus X based on the current specs? Share your thoughts!