Google Glass App “MyGlass” For iPhone Hits iOS App Store, Download It Right Now

Google’s big project called Google Glass is in development for a while now and it is purely based on Android, indeed created by Google as an eyewear digital PC, which has been a lot better integrated with the Big G’s own mobile OS. Now, the MyGlass companion app has finally released on the iOS App Store, so that the Glass owners posing with an iPhone can now set up and tweak their face computer using their device. Download links can be found right after this break, along with full details on how it works.

Not only Google, still there are other companies preparing or already having released smart glasses, but still a real excitement is surrounding around the Google Glass. Set to be released during the first half of 2014.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has particularly said that this technology isn’t there as a consumer product, even though it has met plenty of skeptics, but it hasn’t stopped some tech fans from mocking it as a potential game-changer, and with hundreds of developers already in the process of building apps, it’s not inexplicable that it could make a big impression next year.

This MyGlass app for iOS will offer Glass owners control over Glass from launch, but it’s notable that it’s a little bare at the moment in terms of features, it is worth considering that the app – as with Glass itself – is still in beta – a work in progress. Prior to the release of the MyGlass app, Google Glass had much more limited functionality with the iPhone, while Android users have long had access to an Android version of the MyGlass app which lets users Screencast from Glass to an Android smartphone and provides an interface for turning Glass apps off and on.


The app is entirely free of charge, MyGlass is like owning the Explorer Edition Glass. Since these costs $1,500 and require someone to invite you to program, Google is making easy money out of you one way or another, but you are eager about Glass in general, downloading this free iOS app without getting hold of the kit in advance, then it will be “a waste of time”, as the search giant admits.

Use it to set up Glass, get directions on the go, screencast what you see on Glass to your phone, and add Glassware and contacts.

If you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. Learn more at

Either way which is good to consider when you have Glass and potentially wiating to hook it up to your iPhone, MyGlass app makes some sense downloading. Pick up the app via the link provided below, and make yourself free to share your thoughts and comments through the usual channels.

UpdateX1: Google says that MyGlass will return to the App Store “later this week.” Its release is scheduled to coincide with the latest monthly software update for Google Glass.


If you’re rocking an Android device, then download MyGlass for Android for your device. (Via RedmondPie)

(Download: MyGlass for iPhone on the App Store)