Google Music Store To Launch With Google+ Integration – Two Weeks to Go, Reports Say

Google+ (Plus) Integration within Google Music Store Launch in Two Weeks

Within Two Weeks The Google Store of Music will be  Launched. With Google+ Integration, Google Set To Launch Google Music Store , which is a Cloud-Based Locker for upto 20000 Songs with a Web-based Media Player. Play Google Music with Google+ and to Compete with iTunes and Amazon MP3, simply create a Cloud-based Music Store anf Owning it.

Google Music Store with Google Plus Integration – All About

This will be the Best and Great music Store Online “Web-based”. Google is looking for the Best Competition amazing iTunes and Amazon MP3. About Google Music Center, according to Wall Street Journal, Reports Spreading and Says, That Google Music Store might be Launched within two Weeks, according to Unofficial Sources.

Google Music Store Vs Apple iTunes Vs Amazon MP3

Google is now interested in creating an online music store of its own to compete with the likes of iTunes and Amazon MP3. With Google+ Integrated into Google Music Sharing will become powerful and Effective.

Many noticed that, Google Music online player that their playlists were gone as well. their music was still there but no playlists, same as iTunes. when realize that Google Music uses iTunes to find music file locations and import playlists but it should not use iTunes to dictate what user want removed from Google Music.

Another Competitive Step doine by Google is response to the Apple iTunes Match Service, updates to the Pubvlic Soon. Wait for two more Weeks, Google to Launch Google Music Store with Google+ Integration.