Google Glass XE 12 Update Lets Youtube Sharing And Capture Moments On A Wink Of Your Eyewear

Today’s XE 12 update is a major one for the MyGlass app for iOS by which its intelligent sense technology makes Google glass experience really big. Just by a wink of your eye, you can now capture wonderful moments of your life, not just this, you have a direct option to share the captures videos through your Glass to YouTube.

The App is especially designed for an iOS device, though it has got most of its features of Android App. The update has now got the feature to set up a lock for your Glass which automatically gets locked itself when you take away the Glass out from eyes or deactivate it, so that its secured and could be suitably used by the owner.


Google also provides its Glass with a guest mode, you can hand the glass freely to any of your friend for use. Followed by some best features like caloric intakes, music search or how far is some place with the help of the Google search team are some extra features.

If you have not yet downloaded the App, do not worry as all you need to do is just connect your Google Glass to the charger and upgrade it followed by downloading the app which is about to hit the App Store later this week. Although, in announcing the big update via Glass’ official G+ page, it’s clear that the search company wants owners of the gadget to have an enjoyable holiday season using some of the new features, and presented a run-through of some of the features XE12 has brought along.

Specifications In Detail:

Music and Radio:

You can enable Google Music from the Glassware tab in MyGlass to navigate through the vast world of music in the Google’s entire collection through Google Play. You just need to say ” ok glass, listen to ……..” from the Home screen to check out your favorite playlists and generes.

The XE 12 lets you open to get access to your own cxreated playlists from any website or the Google Play Music app. If you are an ALL Access Subscriber, you are also allowed to choose I’m Feeling Lucky Radio or My Stations to listen to radio. From your Listen action menu, tap the Home screen and swipe forwars and tap ‘Listen’.

MyGlass Protection:

You can set up a lock for the MyGlass from the sceen lock card from the ‘Settings’. As soon as you activate the screen lock, whenevr On-Head Detection detects that the Glass’s off the Head or you deactivate the device, the Screen locks the device and secures the device just like you lock your iPhone or iPAD. Google has now added the ability to lock the display, as you would on ‘normal’ Android. This way, you can keep the contents of your digital specs securely away from prying eyes


If you looking to impress someone, just turn the guest mode from ‘Settings’ and feel free to hand the MyGlass to your friend to use, to check this amazing gadget.

YouTube Glassware:

You can now share your videos to YouTube through Glass with the following new options from the sharing menu- Public, Unlisted and Private. You can get started to share and view these videos in your YouTube channel.


You can use Hangouts to make video calls, send-receive chats and photo sharing. You just need to turn ‘ON’ the new “Hangouts” Glassware on the MyGlass. Note that the “Hangouts” Glassware should be ‘ON’ to make videos calls or share messages to anyone in your contact list who have the Hangout account.


Everyone would have some or the other wonderful times in day-to-day life maybe intuitive or sudden. We all sometimes feel like to capture those cute memorable moments to our album. This time the Glassware gets our wish fulfilled to explore the wonderful world by just a  wink of an eye. This feature is even more faster than the camera button or voice action and it even works with the turned off display.

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After all, the XE 21 update with the next generation Glassware is an innovation to get the real world to virtual with its exquisite features and is a worth buying Glass gadget in the upcoming market. In fact, the MyGlass app has finally pulled out today from the iOS App Store. Google says it will be available sometime latest this week.

This is all for the Google MyGlass for now. To get updated more, come back and visit us on Its a great pleasure if you can share your experiences and ask us.