Google Glass App Now Lets You Scan Bar Codes, Price Check Of Any Product [Video]

In order to power up the Cyber Cops and Futuristic Firefighters of tomorrow, Google Glass now gets an application for shoppers. Detailed below!

Google Glass
From months, developers are working hard on Google Glass access, cooking up innovative uses for the wearable computer. Google Glass is a tool that allow a user to take control over an electronic car’s functionality, and in that some of the software being developed is truly cutting-edge.

Developing procedure is going on Google Glass, making apps and even games for the new wearable  glass technology. Crystal Shopper is yet another Google Glass app that lets you search for the best prices available for a product, and also gathers amazing ratings so that user can see if they want to buy such item, or not.

If you’re one of those who take their shopping excurious seriously, then this Crystal Shopper, an Google Glass app lets you scan the bar codes and compare price of products as well. Interested in buying a product, just scan the bar code and the app will do the rest for Google Glass user.

Although, for this application to build take some time and lot more work to be done, and in either way it isn’t exactly feature-rich though. It could be a handy tool for shoppers in the store, and an app that many could expect from Glass anyway.

The app emerged from the Breaking Glass hackathon held this past weekend at the Citizen Space co-working facility in San Francisco. Nevertheless, we got a video posted by developer Lance Nanek, shows how the app scan a bar code on a Google Chromecast and instantly deliver a Google Glass card that displays the product’s highest and lowest prices offering as well as its star review rating on Amazon.

The device that has the ability to allow a wearer to engage in hands-free photography and video recording, particularly for such device mostly everyone be lauded. The app does a UPC search on the Amazon API. About other good product APIs to use them or for shopping company partners, the team behind this are looking forward. On Nanek Google+ page he wrote this:

Google shopping API is closing down, unfortunately… Meanwhile I’ll go try some groceries or something and see what I can do about broader product support.”

The Crystal Shopper is pretty considered as a team project, and Nanek is the man appears to be one of the most active developers in the Google Glass community. Those interested in learning more about the app can be able to download the code right from here.