Google Drive Updated For iOS 8, Includes Touch ID Unlocking Support, Chrome Extension as Well

Google although rolled out Chrome Extension allowing users to launch desktops apps inside browser and also updated some of its apps, like Google Maps, Calendar, Google Play Store, Gmail for Android and etc. Google is however busy this week in terms of app updates, and along with the major bump to Maps, it added OpenTable and Uber Integration. Now, the Mountain View giant has just released a tidy update to the Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad. Full details can be grabbed right after this fold.


First and foremost talking about the Google Drive app launcher and its handy Chrome add-on pack. Using it you can fireup Photoshop from Google’s cloud-based repository inside the Web browser – no need to head elsewhere to get the work session started. Before you proceed, you’ll need to have Chrome installed in order to take advantage of the extension. If you forgot, you don’t even have to launch Microsoft Office to edit Drive-stored documents and spreadsheets either.

Working and when you’re viewing a list of files on a Mac or PC, just by right-clicking on an item (or group of items) apparently gives you the “Open with” option. Finally, the shortcut resides in Google Drive now. Enjoy!

Secondary, talking about the battle of the cloud storage services, will be well documented. Google, Microsoft and Apple have all recently joined the cloud-storage party, but the bigger names in tech are generally accustomed to having things run in their favor, pre-existing services like Dropbox have got the upper hand in this exclusive field.


Dropbox is obviously a big cheese as it were and the company having already added support for Touch ID, Google has also followed suite in today’s update. It’s a native fingerprint sensor hanging around since the iPhone 5s last year, but as with any new implementation, it arrived with its fair share of limitations.

For instance, the Touch ID on the iPhone 5s could primarily be used only to unlock the iPhone or bypass the tiresome passcode routine. With iOS 8, however, things have been changed, and Touch ID is available to third parties as well. Now, Google Drive supports unlocking with a simple tap on the Home button on complaint gadgets.

Like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the iPads also include Touch ID, and if in case you are planning on grabbing Google Drive for iOS, you must also expect to see a feature enabling you to save files to Google’s cloud hub through iOS 8 extensions.


Similar to Touch ID support, extensions also offer developers a new dimensions as far as enhancing the iOS joy, and like all of Google’s other updates, this release is one not to be missed ever.

Drive users will be stoked to see Google adding such integral features to the fold, and with the expected dose of bug fixes and performance tweaks, should also see some noticeable improvements in general usability.

Interested ones who trust Google’s board range of services and Android maker with your precious files can check out the direct download link embedded below and share your thoughts.

(Download: Google Drive for iOS on the App Store)