Google Combines ‘Android Auto’ On Your Car And Phone Like Google Now

The next-generation Android OS hits the road with the announcement of the Android Auto interface for cars, a big rival to Apple’s CarPlay and alternative to Google Now. Full details after this break!

In fact, it was a matter of time before a variation of the Android software reached our automobiles, and as part of the big ‘L’ release, Android Auto initiative will also be integral to the advancement of the company’s flagship mobile OS.


Android Auto isn’t any new when checking its performance, but it’s essentially the same UI that we’ve already accustomed to, but tweaked to suit the drivers need.

Google Now played an integral part to the majority of Google’s Android-related moves over the past few years, and now with Android Auto, context-based info will very much be atop the agenda. As with Apple’s CarPlay, it’s also voice-based, meaning that you can get a hold of the information you require without taking your eyes off the road at any point.


Google have in fact partnered with a multitude of automobile manufacturers, the first Android Auto-ready road vehicles should run later on this year.


Speaking about Google Now, is certainly a feature which always invertible that the Chrome maker’s in-car endeavors would encircle it, and with further integration with Google Maps, Google Now with Play Music, and some plethora of other services, it’s the all-in-one solution for Android users on the road run.


Third-party developer have got the ability to integrate their own services into Android Auto, with Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher and several other best apps already on board.


Google’s Android Auto key feature is that its a standalone platform, doesn’t require a connected Android device in order to function. The overall experience and work as an extension of your handset with features like text message support is pretty welcomed, but unlike CarPlay, which feeds off a paired iPhone, you can fully utilize Android Auto without your smartphones.

First impression of Android Auto – YouTube video (described)

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