Gmail And Almost Other Google Services Now Gets A New Unified Login Page

Google has started rolling out a new era of login-screens for all its services with the prompts to enter sign-in credentials, directly located right at the centre of the page, unlike the previous pane that appeared on the right side. Full details can be logged right after this break!

Although the login prompt however is much bigger and stands out, whereas, Google highlights the ‘One Account. All of Google’ message, placing it right at the top of the page and now displays icons of all its different services including Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Maps, Play Store and Google+ at the bottom.

The altered Gmail login page is being gradually rolled out to users as noted by Mashable Responding to the publication’s request for a comment on the development, Google said. The new login-screen also displays the account photo and just asks of your password, in case you’re logging-in after a long time. Great!

The main agenda of Google is, it wants more users to know that a number of services they use are offered by the Mountain View-based Internet giant, and they only need one Google account to access them all. Everyone out there knows about it, what’s new here.

Just in after Google decided to ditch the navigation bar which is used to place on its websites and introduced a new menu, which looks like the Chrome app launcher placed upside down. According to the NDTV, “the new launcher is visually appealing and features different Google services as apps rather than offering them as hyperlinks placed on the top of the page in an omnipresent black navigation bar.

The better and minimalistic way of putting a link to all Google services while the user is accessing one of them. Google in the recent times, constantly looking to improve its various services through software updates and design tweaks, and this new revamp may be coming to your Gmail account.

Many out there admits that the login page for Gmail has been dramatically redesigned, placing the login at the center of the page; this is similar to its mobile app. Comments by Gmail users on Twitter suggest that the change may be hitting international users outside the U.S. first.

What next? Just wait and see, if this reported changes turn out to be accurate, then it would point towards an interface stabilization between Google’s desktop and mobile services. Thoughts on this newly designed Gmail Login-page!