Download Gmail 5.0 APK For Android Now Available With Exchange Support And Material Design

Details reagrding the update to Gmail for Android 5.0 Lollipop has been in works for a long time now, we got a news about Gmail 5.0 with support for IMAP, POP3 email accounts like Yahoo and Outlook surfaced a couple of weekls ago, with a promo video as well. Today, Android Police have got hold on the Gmail 5.0 APK app that brings all the aforementioned features, including support for Exchange email accounts and more.


The update promising to bring plethora of new inclusoons and visual enahncements. The Gmail 5.0 app also brings Material Design with rounded avatars, refreshed iconography and many more. Google few days ago released Inbox, an alternative to the Gmail app. However, it doesn’t gonna support Google Apps account or other email accounts apart from Gmail.


Apart from the Material Design, Gmail 5.0 adds a handful of under the hood goodies, arguably the biggest of which is the support for non-Google accounts, including and Fey feature would be that it allows for instant auto-updating of email threads, for example, if you’re reading a thread, instead of notification appaearing alert you of a reply, the reply itself simply appears.

You can now download the APK for Gmail 5.0 (1520254) and APK for Exchange Services v6.5-1520254 from the source link below. Unknown is that when Google plans to update the Gmail app for iOS with these new features.

Download Gmail 5.0 for Android APK from here.