Get Siri On iPod Touch 4G Ported, Simply By Restoring From iPhone 4S Backup

As you all are familiar with Apple’s most intelligent personal assistant “Siri” which came along with the iPhone 4S, hackers since last three months working hard and trying to posrt Siri to other un-supported-Apple devices. We’ve had jailbreak tweaks, GUI ports, proxy servers. Yesterday, we had published a post on CDTeam has released a fully functioinal Siri port for iPhone 4.

This guy today, claims that he got Siri on his iPod Touch simply by restoring from an iPhone 4S backup. How can he get the Siri assitant onto his new iTouch is the point. Instead of setting up his new iPod Touch as a new music device, he just restored it from a backup of his iPhone 4S in iTunes. Upon completion of the restore process, the iPod had been blessed with the presence of ever helpful Siri, although by his own admission it is extremely bug ridden and causes his device to crash multiple times a day.

Well he successfully installed Siri on his jailbroken iPod, he got the entire Siri’s interface and the ditection feature works just awesome. Due to the fact that it has no way of connecting to Apple’s servers, the main features of the voice assistant are also non-functional but the interface is present in its entirety.

Gordon is the guy who made this happen, also states that he followed the same procedure with his Verizon iPhone 4 with the same steps – A Siri interface which crashes the device but has got fully functional detection support.

Gordon shows a video of his iPod touch running Siri, without any related tweaks installed or hacks to enable Siri, which doesn’t appeared:

You all owners of the iPod touches and the iPhones, should keep in mind that you have to admit it is intriguing, but before trying this on your own, restoring a device from another device backup is very dangerous. So, don’t rush to restore from an iPhone 4S backup. It will have a high possibility of bricking the iPhone or iPod that can cause you damaged permanently.

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