Get Ice Cream Sandwich-Style Gmail Widget For Your Android Device Running Froyo Or Gingerbread

The Android mobile OS is one of the most advanced platform which is available across a board range of devices from different manufacturers with the bundle of options choosing from hundreds and thousands of additional apps from the third-party devlopers. The most awesome features that ship with Android will be specially with the current offering which is Ice Cream Sandwich, that’s what the user prefer more than demanding to move across to Android, and when those features are combined with some additional apps and widgets, then the whole experience will become more attractive to the customers. However, Widgets are certainly a dime a dozen on the Google Play Store, but it rates to choose the best one for it functionality.

Widgets are often favored over full-blown apps due to their versatility and the fact that users can position them on a desktop for example instead of actually having to launch the app to benefit from the features. The use of widgets won’t really come as anything new to Android users as they are currently used quite often throughout the OS to provide different sets of features and quick access to certain things. If you are a mobile user or a tablet user, you would be very familiar with the Google’s Gmail email service, which is one of the most popular options for a free of charge email service. Developers across multiple platforms have developed widgets which hook with the Gmail app.

Today we introduce you with a ICS like Gmail widget app, the application offers several different types of home screen widgets that display the accurate number of unread messages while also offering a quick preview of them. The developer touts they’ve made these Ice Cream Sandwich esque apps now available for devices still running Froyo 2.2 and Gingerbread 2.3. However, the application should work for most versions of Android out there to find one that is functional and attractive, making sure it compliments the OS it is installed upon.

Gmail Widgets, developed by Katzoft has recently benefitted from a major update to version 2.0, which is available now to download through the Google Play Store. Gmail Widgets offers multiple types of homescreen widgets for Android devices and gives users the ability to see how many unread items are pending as well as providing the useful ability to see a quick sneak preview of the available mail item.

The major part, this type of functionality is available as standard on Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich, but Katzoft is pushing these widgets as bringing the same functionality to older versions of Android, meaning users still running Froyo and Gingerbread can benefit from the Gmail Widgets goodness.

Gmail Widgets, version 2.0 ships with the following features:

* Updates automatically when a new email arrives.
* Shows the first line of the message as a quick preview.
* Supports the priority inbox options.
* Supports multiple Gmail accounts on each device.
* Allows users to open Gmail or compose a new message very quickly.
* Gives the look and feel of running Ice Cream Sandwich on older versions of Android.
* The ability for users to customize the look of the widgets through themes.

Its very much amazing to know about the Gmail widget and which is certainly a very functional offering with a highly customizable nature of this software, are you eager to get it installed on your using device which cannot be upgraded to the latest version of Android, then. Via

Download Gmail Widgets for Android [Google Play Link]