Geohot Quits Facebook, Returns Back Into Hacking & Jailbreaking Again

George Hotz (GeoHot), have you heard about him before? Yes! you’re right the one who shaked the Fruit company and the most popular iPhone & Sony PlayStation hacker. GeoHot left his work a few months ago, and joined the Facebook Social Networking till now. Now GeoHot quits working at Facebook and jumps back to be a full-time hacker. Details after this jump!

What George Hotz is going to hack or patch or jailbreak, we have no idea. But, as a legendary  hacker who made famous for contributions to the iPhone community and for hacking the Sony Playstation can do something amazing.

According to BusinessInsider the Gehot (hacker) was spotted in a hackathon at Backplane, a start up founded by Lady Gaga.

During the hackathon, I got to work with him as he built an app that allows you to see where your Facebook friends are on a map. Aviv Ovadya, a Quora engineer, was also on the team. Ovadya focused on the front end mapping part of the program. Hotz was focused on getting the API info and programming that into location data.

Geohot was not only the best hacker who rocked the world, he also brought up the first jailbreak and unlock to the iPhone back in 2008. and in 2011 he patched the PS3 and surpised Sony. Geohot is the guy behind many jailbreak tools such as limera1n, blackra1n, and purplera1n.

This day on October 10th, 2010, Geohot released LimeRa1n jailbreak exploit to untethered iOS 4.1 jailbreak on all iOS devices, became the first iPhone 4 jailbreak. Limera1n’s was a bootrom jailbreak exploit which survives forever. However the explot was tethered, you can use that anytime on any iOS firmware on the future for all A4 devices.

Back in 2011, Geohot was to release a jailbreak for PlayStation 3. That was the reason, he was sued by Sony for jailbreaking its PS3. Then Geohot started working on Facebook.

What can we expect from Geohot now? While a bootrom exploit still hasn’t been discovered for the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, so he may build an explot for that! We will be let you know if any hackings and jailbreaking by the Gehot will come out soon.