Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced – Price, Specs And Release Date Revealed!

Samsung has, finally announced its Galaxy S4 smartphone as in the battle of Android supermacy taking on the HTC One, iPhone 5 and Sony’s water-dust resistant handsets, the Korean giant has responded in its usual way. The features we suspected was already in the table before announcement, like the 1080p 5-inch display, 2GB of RAM and quad-core processor, but wait, there are still other surprises in the store. To know more, we have covered every inch of the introduction of the launch, check it after this break!

Design: In the past until now, we’ve gone throgh various leaks that suggested the Galaxy S4 would take a pretty similar shape of S III, and the Galaxy Note II. The official announcement has fixed with the notion, presenting a device with a 7.9mm thinner form factor than the Galaxy S III, added more rectangular finish, indicating a reversion somewhat to the appearance of the Galaxy S II.


Although the Galaxy S4 unpacked yet another plastic y looking polycarbonate case, the best looking Galaxy handset to date, and those posing with S III or Note (II) will of course be sold by the aesthetics of this brand-new device.

GS4 GS4-back

Talking about the Apple’s iPhone 5 launch, Samsung is in a great position to leap ahead of Cupertino in terms of hradware specifications. Samsung claims the 130g device is “slimmer, lighter and more solid” than any other Galaxy ever released. Measuring at 69.8mm x 136.6mm x 7.9mm, it should be rather easy to fit into the pocket, with this aspect, Samsung has certainly outdone itself here. It comes and to be released with colors other than “White Frost” and “Black Mist”, with Pebble Blue having been dropped, if only temporarily.

Display: The diameter of the new screen spans an impressive 5 inches, offering a whopping 441 dpi – a significant leap over the Galaxy S III’s 306ppi display and the iPhone 5’s 326ppi retina display, making it one of the highest resolution screens around, it’s fully HD Super AMOLED display. With an interesting feature which really caught our eye was Adapt Display, which smartly adjusts the screen tone to match the surroundings for lesser eye strain.


Samsung’s suite of user-tracking functions, including its new Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, and floating touch controls. The Galaxy S IV has unveiled, that uses its front-camera to detect when a user looks away from the video they’re watching and automatically pauses playback.

Hardware: Integrated with a 1.9GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of LP DDR3 RAM. Expected and unveilt at CES in January the 8-core senosrs, including all-new infreared gesture, temperature and humidity.

With amazing features like Screen Mirroring, Samsung Smart Pause (which lets you pause video when you look away from the screen), Smart Scroll (which lets you scroll through pages using your eyes, the S4 is a stunner all around.

Software proceedings: The latest and greatest hardware is fixed with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and on top of that is, yes, the Samsung’s own TouchWiz.

Storage: The Galaxy S4 will be shipping in three stoirage capacities, the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, all of which are expandable by means of a microSD card. microSD support goes all the way to 64GB, which means 128GB of storage in total if you opt for a high-end model.


Wireless Technology: The Galaxy S IV will be shipping with 3G and 4G LTE models from the get-go as you would expect, with global LTE roamiong also a pretty interesting feature. The Wi-Fi connectivity looks mightily impressive, offering a/b/g/n/ac (HT80).


The major feature of S4 is 4G LTE, which now supports speeds of up to 100Mbps, and upload speeds of 50Mbps. Great power and speeds are undeneable!

Camera: The Galaxy S4 features a 13-megapixel camera, which uses new camera functions Dual Shot, Eraser, Drama Shot, ans Sound & Shot. With Galaxy S4, the Drama Shot is capable of snapping an incredible 100 shots every 4 seconds, from which you can select the very best shot to look away for safe-keeping.


* Dual Shot allows you to capture images from both the front-facing and rear snappers simultaneously.

* Eraser captures multiple frames so that anyone can remove unwanted subjects.

* Drama Shot composites moving objects for action shots. Finally the Sound & Shot, which captures five seconds of images and audio before the capture button is pressed.

The front-0facing camera is 2-megapixel, and both the front and rear snappers can be used at the same time when recording video or taking shots. As you’d expect, standard features which tag along a new smartphone release are there; such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, panorama shot, sports mode, face detection and more.


Battery: For the Galaxy S4, Samsung including an impressive 2,600 mAh battery. The company went with extra new features,  it’s packed to the rafters with small features which make it a superb device to keep in your hand/pocket.

More off, Galaxy S IV ships with S Translate, a backed-in realtime translator that supports 9 different languages, while S Voice Drive improves GPS driving capabilities. Group Play is yet another feature which really caught our attention. Wouldn’t be great if you could pair up to 8 S4 devices together to make the ultimate sound system? With the S4, you can. How about sharing documents and games too? All-in-all it doesn’t require a wireless router to do its magic?

Samsung Hub is still there in the S4, lets you download the latest content to your smartphone in a hype. Games, Movies, music etc. are on offer. ChatOn – a new Samsung’s mown messaging service is On with support for voice and video calls, screen sharing, and support for 3-way calling.

Full Specs of Galaxy S4


Price of Galaxy S4: Samsung hasn’t announced official pricing for Galaxy S IV yet, but it said that it will cost around the same as that of any previous flagship Samsung smartphone.

Availability: The Galaxy S4 will ship in April on 327 carriers in 155 countries in both 4G LTE and 3G versions. Sprint has confirmed that it will be offering the Galaxy S IV.