Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Specs Arrives Ahead Of September Announcement

Samsung is all set to unveil its Galaxy Note 3 on September 4th it’s also expected to see the very first smart watch effort from the South Korean outfit in the form of the Galaxy Gear. Today, for the first time, GigaOM has disclosed some of the specs of the wearable gadget, and although there aren’t as many details as some prospective Galaxy Gear owners might have liked though. Finally we got some reliable information about the Samsung’s device hardware.

The Galaxy Gear! According to GigaOM, which sites developer sources in making its claims about the Samsung Smart Watch, the device will pack a 2.5-inch OLED display, which will certainly be a touch-screen. It sports a dual-core processor for solid performance, while the battery life should also be enough to keep things ticking over perfectly.

As far as connectivity goes, there reports also claims the Galaxy Gear will include a Bluetooth 4.0 support, and will also features with a bunch of sensors, including an accelerometer. The device looks like to include a camera and speaker as well, as both of which will be fitted into the strap.

Regarding software, GigaOM consider Samsung will be using the device to plug its own app distribution, rather than merely pointing customers to Play Store. Google has been wary of Samsung’s dominance in Android space, and although the Galaxy maker is far off boasting Play Store-like popularity, the company of course has the means and the motive.

Apple is also prepping its own iWatch smartwatch, which is reportedly developed by as many as 100 engineers and developers working tirelessly within the Cupertino company headquarters on its creation. However, its revealed that both Samsung and Apple are big rivals in competition, and it will be interesting to see how this particular battle takes shape.

The anticipating release date of Galaxy Gear will be announced at Samsung Unpacked 2013 on September 4th, alongside Galaxy Note 3. Stay tuned to grab some more facnating details about the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  (Via RedmondPie)