Front Panel Of A Mysterious WP Handset Leaks, Possibly Be The Microsoft Lumia 1030?


Directly surfaced from China which the latest leak shows up of an unknown front panel of what appears to be yet-unannounced Windows Phone smartphone. Although, Microsoft has already launched Lumia 535 with its own branding on it and it is imminent that the Redmond software maker is apparently planning to announce a phablet devices and a tablet as well. With this new leak, it brings some of its existence.

According to the source, the panel measure at around 5-inch screen and could be meant as the front of the latest Microsoft Lumia phablet to have Windows Phone moniker on it. Rumors already speculates it as could it be the Lumia 940 or nevertheless a Lumia 1030?

However, the images which we are showcasing of the front panel is fully decked in black and very squared suggesting a flat and sharp device. One thing that puts off are the buttons on it. Recent WP handsets have utilized on-screen buttons and not capacitive ones. But this does points to that in the screenshots.

Microsoft Lumia 535 wasn’t the high-end flagship we’re waiting to see, which was revealed as its first smartphone sans Nokia. With this new leak, we can assume to see a top-end Windows Phone device from Microsoft in the upcoming future.