Forget #Bendgate Test, Watch This Xperia Z3 In Coke And Nutella Tests [Video]

Regarding the gadget (smartphone) durability most of the mobile manufacturers’ strive to add some extra contests to their devices, and some of their mistakes. Recently, iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate was whopping test, reached almost everyone’s mind that it can bend if you sit on it accidentally, and never come back to the actual style. Today, we’re going to show you what actually Sony’s Xperia Z3 been a part in.

sony-xperia-z3-passes-coca-cola-nutella-testsWe have already seen the drop tests, to scratch tests, and recently the bend tests, to liquid nitrogen tests, set-n-fire tests and sniping tests. Now that, Sony’s Xperia Z3, which is already a water-proof.

YouTuber named Adrianisen has the habit of testing smartphones, which are recently advertised as warerproofed or resistant, by drowning them in Coca-Cola. Sony Xperia Z3 has eventually made its way into his testing list.

By spilling soda over your device isn’t really hard to imagine, or dropping it in a bowl of liquid and its heard that the Coca-Cola’s destructive properties, so seeing a device dive in a glass of Coke can still make you heart skip a beat, even though if your device being toted as a water-proof smartphone.

For the Xperia Z3, adrianisen went to an extra mile and busted out a jar Nutella, and covered the device in the sticky chacolate – and tested its durability and reliability of its dust-proof gadget label.

What all that in action in two YouTube (1, 2) videos below.