How To Force-Close Apps On iOS 7 [iPhone, iPad, iPod touch]

In the previous iOS versions, double-clicking the home button would reveal app icons and could be killed or closed by long press – but not in iOS 7. The situation is different and the layout is changed with flat icons, many new features added to this latest and greatest. iOS 7 is out today, which might at first look like a new coat of paint, a bunch of new things added and some have moved around too. Full details on how to force-close of kill iOS 7 apps can be checked right after this fold.

iOS 7’s one of the biggest difference would be how you get to Spotlight Search. Prior it was located to the left of the home screen and accessible with a swipe. Now, you’ll however need to swipe down from the middle of the screen to access it.

forece-close apps on iOS 7
Make sense on what side of the debate you stand on when it comes to clearing out apps in the app drawer on iOS, good way to find and clear out or force close apps in iOS 7’s “app drawer”, but quickly realize it, that everything is changed in iOS 7. Completely not clear how to close apps, but it’s incredibly easy on iOS 7.

First and foremost point to be noted, that the original demo of multitasking on iOS 7 is that double-clicking the home button doesn’t reveal a drawer with app icons anymore. But you’ll find cards, similar to what was once found on WebOS, containing a screenshot of the app with the app icon just below it.

Force-close apps on iOS 7 multitasking
You’ll be able to now swipe in either direction between cards. Swiping to the right direction will take you to the card for the home screen, while to the left will reveal apps that have recently been used. Tapping on any chosen card will then launch the desired app and take to you to the screen represented in the card.


Now, the actual method comes to the scene. Clicking the home button again won’t return you to the home screen, rather taken you to the app section, were you launched the fast app switching view. To force close an app due to any reason or troubleshooting various issues, simply launch into multitasking and swipe up on the app’s card – not the icon – but the complete card itself.

Note: in order to forcefully-close apps, remember to swipe up, and pressing the home button when viewing cards will always take you back to the app you were in, not the home screen.

(Via CNET)