FlashtoHTML5 Extension – Plays YouTube Videos in HTML5 Player – Not Flash Player in Safari

Safari Extension (FlashtoHTML5) replaces YouTube Flash Player with HTML5 Player – Now Extension Plays YouTube Videos in HTML5 Player not in Flash Player in Safari . according to 9to5mac, No need to infect the Mac OS X Lion with Flash Player, Safari Extension HTML5-iFlies FlashVideo.

What Joris Vervuurt Says about :

FlashToHTML5 replaces the CPU and memory hogging YouTube Flash Player with a HTML5 player. Not only will it look nicer, you will also notice that your computer will run cooler and faster. If you use a laptop, you will also notice that the battery life of a fully charged battery will increase.

FlashToHTML5 will also automatically load the video at the highest quality available, WITHOUT advertisements! The only downside is that subtitles and user-captions are not displayed, but that’s something I may add support for in the future.

This new Safari Extension from Veruurt replaces the YouTube Flash Player with HTML5 Player. Where YouTube already had the Experimental HTML5 Video Player available for some time, but Vervuurt’s dedicated Extensions beat YouTube solution in a simple way and adds the ability to choose maximum Video Resolution to (360p, 720p, 1080p and 4K) and which also works on Flash Video embedded on other Sites.

This Safari “FlashtoHTML5” Extension is available from here and the size of this Extension of 9KB Download requires Safari 5 and works awesome under the Mac OS X Lion, when you block Flash Plugin in Safari and when used with Click2Flash.

Watch Screenshots: Before Installing Safari “FlashtoHTML5” Extension and after Installing :


FlashtoHTML5 Extension replaces Flash Player to HTML5


Safari "Flashtohtml5" Extesnion