FlashEnhancer Uses iPhone LED Flash for BlackBerry like Notifications

FlashEnhancer is available in Cydia Tweak (jailbreak Apps) – Uses your iPhone’s LED Flash for BlackBerry-like  Notifications . If you want LED Notifications on your iPhone, then you will need a Jailbroken iPhone to Install FlashEnhancer from Cydia .

Where BlackBerry and Android Smartphones have one awesome Feature. Its not a Keyboard or it is a BalackBerry Messenger or Google Talk. It is the LED Notification System, which many iPhone users are looking for.

FlashEnhancer Tweak

BlackBerry handsets have a selection of LEDs that light and flash depending on the kind of notification received, which is great for telling whether that vibration/notification was for an email, SMS or something else, without ever having to actually look at the screen. Perfect for meetings and such.

jailbreak Community has decided to Integrate this LED Notification on iPhone via a Jailbreak Tweak available in Cydia “FlashEnhancer”, uses your iPhone’s LED Flash (Built-in) to full effect, falshing different patterns to signify different Notifications like, SMS Text Messages, Push Notifications and many more. This FlashEnhancer also posrts more than enough options to controll.

FlashEnhancer Tweak for iPhone available in Cydia

FlashEnhancer is a Jailbreak Cydia Tweak available in Jailbreak Apps category for $3 . via