Flappy Bird For Windows Phone Finally Launching This Month

The most popular game in iOS and Android, which we’re today talking about is a huge Indie success, Flappy Bird made over 50 million downloads and also generates $50K per day in Ad revenue. Now that game is releasing for Windows Phone handsets.

The Flappy Bird game! You’ve probably heard o it and if you are stillot addicted of is now certified for Windows Phone,coming soon as expected.

Little more about the Flappy Bird, after topping the charts on iOS in previous month, the viral mobile game sensation, is also making a big impression on the the Android Play Store ater th late-January launch, now it said to be hitting the Windows Phone Store, sometime this month. The game developed by a Vietnam-based developer and according to him, the Flappy Bird game will soon arrive on the Windows Phone handsets.

The game has got many wondering what is the hype all about as it topped the App Store top free apps in the U.S. The popularity of the Flappy Bird has been manifested by players having been posting screenshots of their scores all over the social networking Web sites.


How the gameplay goes? layers get a point for every pipe thy fly through and medals for every 10 points from bronze all the way up to platinum. Currently, with more than 18 million players of Flappy Bird, it said that this game is easier on Android than on iOS.

Flappy Bird was first introduced in May 2013 on the iTunes App Store. It only topped the free category in January 2014. Stay tuned to our coverage on Windows Phone Flappy Bird game release, hits the store soon…..