Fix iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug: Lets Anyone Access Emails, Photos And More [VIDEO]

Prior to the older version of iOS up to the new iOS 7, there are bugs and the question how to fix it arises from every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners. Apple is the one wants to sit top on solid records of keeping security flaws and potential malicious outbreaks down to a minimum. With iOS 7 having been available for 24 hours, issues have already raised pertaining the company’s greatest and latest. The bug that access sensitive information such as photos, Twitter info and email and later compromised behind a passcode-protected lock screen. Affected by this issue on iOS 7 with Control Center enabled on Lockscreen. How to fix it, is the major agenda in this post. Full details can be grabbed right after this break!

Bug Alert: A lock screen vulnerability in the new iOS 7 swipes all user’ email, photos, Twitter, and other apps with out your permission.

Discovered the iOS 7 bug by Jose Rodriguez, the hole allows anybody to bypass lock screen in less than a minute and access a user’s personal information. Fixing done by the man who found that it is pretty sensitive and compiled a short video demonstrating the technique, and not all that long ago since user were able to swipe through the protected lock screen on iOS 6, this revelation will have many wondering whether iOS is as secured as it once was.

Although the new Control Center on iOS 7 is especially handy if you wish to quickly toggle any of your device’s main functions. Accessible in an easy way, having clean, intuitive interface, and does exactly as it purports (described).

The Rodriguez’s video shows, by opening the Control Center on the lock screen and hitting the alarm clock before holding the iPhone’s sleep button brings about an interesting route to some of a device’s info. Instead of swiping to switch a device off, a potential hacker hits the “cancel” option and double-clicks the home button, the multitasking screen appears. From there, an intruder can check the camera, photos, and other information as well. As from Photos to e-mail, Twitter to Facebook, it’s all there.

Did you know that Apple has seeded a a link to download iOS 7.0.1 for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, apparently to fix such bugs, which is now available to install. Here’s the way you can fix this above issue temporarily on your iPhone running iOS 7. Navigate to Settings -> Control Center and set “Access on Lock Screen” option to Off.

Expected to see the complete fix in the next iOS 7 update. Apple will certainly come swiftly through with a proper fix soon.

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