First Windows 8.1 Ad Shows Off The Return Of New Start Button [VIDEO]

Microsoft thinks it was wrong when that was discovered the removal of the traditional Start button in the Windows 8 late last year, which consumers were accustomed to it since Windows operating system was introduced with Windows 95. Regarding to push its users towards the Metro/Modern interface, the Start button was suddenly removed in Microsoft’s Windows 8. Metro UI replaced the old way we navigated our applications, settings and documents. Now, the bottom-left icon is set to return back in the Windows 8.1 update on October 18th, officially.

Windows 8 costumers actually missed that Start button, regardless of whether they were keen on the Metro/Morend UI or not. Since Windows 8 let people use a Desktop shortcuts, but without a Start button, it still become undiscoverable for many, even though a press of the Start key on a keyboard would launch Metro/Modern interface, exclusively, offer the same access to apps that the older Start button offered.

Windows 8 Touch 1

Now, with Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft is first of all bringing the Start button to Windows computers worldwide – promising them get upgraded to Windows 8.1 version obviously.

Windows 8 customers can update to Windows 8.1 for free in the Windows Store, starting October 18th, 2013. With the return of the Start button, new ways to personalize your Start screen, and more ways to do more things at once, the new Windows gives you one experience for everything in your life.

The newly arrived ad of Microsoft’s operating system aims to make sure everyone is well aware that the latest Start button is on its way back, and spends a full 30-second pointing it out. However, the whole Windows 8.1 OS isn’t changed, it’s clear that the Start button only returned, still just takes you into Metro/Modern UI afterwards. Good news is that, the button exists to keep some, no many people happy starting and ending.

About Windows 8.1? Makes it possible to turn off the Windows 8 hot changes, making the experience much more  Windows 7-like. The Start button won’t be such that users can disable, which just goes to show how Microsoft wants to ensure its use.

Finally, the first Microsoft’s ad for Windows 8.1 highlights the return of Start button, and indeed in the new ad spot also carries on Redmond’s current “Windows Everywhere’ advertising angle by showing Windows running on a PC, Surface and Windows Tablet, driving home. You’re still be getting the same Windows experience throughout, no matter what form factor your computer may be.

Interested ones can learn more about the new features and how to download, release date and pricing availability of the Windows 8.1 from here.

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