First Photo Of HTC One 2 (M8) Surfaces In The Wild, Features Two Rear-Facing Cameras

Although the HTC One successor is on its way, rumored HTC M8, is now said to arrive with a surprising factors. Believe it or not, the alleged leaked photo of the purported HTC M8 is pictured with dual camera and the same aluminum body featured in its predecessor.

The HTC One was one of the best Android smartphone on the market last year, despite the subsequent release of other main players like the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung and Apple’s iPhone 5s. Now that, this Taiwanese outfit’s is planning to launch its flagshoip successor – unofficially dubbed the HTC One 2. Today, courtesy of a leaked photo, we may have our first genuine glimpse at the early-anticipated handset from HTC.

First look at HTC’s next One codenamed M8 – leaked shot of the One 2’s rear-end indicates that the device will be built in a similar way to the current model. Rumors surfacing that it could sport two cameras on the back – a first for a major smartphone – this image seems to back up that notion.

The sequel of the HTC One, currently alleged as the HTC M8, is expected to debut in early 2014 (Q1). With the One, opting for a 4-megapixel main camera that ir re-branded ‘UltraPixel’ for its ability to let in more light. Although it remains uncertain how these two cameras will be used to benefit the overall shot taking / video-capturing abilities.

Also called it as HTC One+, although it would be a great deal if HTC could make the aluminum unobody less prone to scuffs and scratches. Aside from the two cameras, you can spot the dual-LED flash next to the larger lens, which could technically make for better photo’s in low-light conditions.

As you can see that this leaked HTC M8 (One+ or One 2) device does look a little bigger and that could be great to hear from HTC, which will now sport a larger display like a phablet to copete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, S5 and iPhone 6.


According to the source, possibility is the earlier rumor that the HTC One 2 would feature separate sensors for low-light and high-light conditions. Two cameras in a smartphone, could be to create depth of field in photos essentially meaning 3D images.

Release date and price details yet to be confirmed and as that we’ll be seeing it as soon as late next month, and with the original HTC One hitting stores last spring, it would certainly tie with the typical one-year launch cycle. (Source: HTCFamily_RU [Twitter](via: PocketNow)