Watch TV Shows & HD Channels On Smartphones, Tablets And PCs Using FilmOn Air Portable Tuner

The FilmOn is an internet based Virtual cable service was announced that from February this new year they will start FilmOn Air Device shipping for free of cost for every United States based subscribers. Allowing them to watch Television shows through FilmOn service from their mobile devices as well as computers.

What is FimOn Air device? This is a small adapter that simply plugs into the most popular smartphones, tablets and PCs and which is compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS X, Android and Apple iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

FilmOn Air is implemented with a an in-built battery which provides 5 hours of battery life, and if lose, then you can connect it to the power (electricity) supply through the secondary slot. This device comes with Windows and Mac installers also provided within the adapter.

About FilmOn:

“FilmOn has licensed over 120 HD online television channels and has even launched its own College Sports and Live Soccer Channels but the challenge has been in legally bringing Major Network programming to our lineup whilst respecting the Network’s traditional business models.”

Actually this FilmOn Air is a free service with anual US based subscription to FilmOn which costs $145.95 for the basic pack. allowing Users to watch or record their favorite TV shows. The ever popular FilmOn App contains 120 online HD Channels. The next generation of the FilmOn App will contain the FilmOn AIR tuning application and will be available in February for free download in the Apple App Store or the Droid Market Place. Windows and Mac installers come ready onboard with an extra Easter Gift bundled inside.

If you are eager to grab the FilmOn Air device which retails for $95.95, yu can get the portable tuner available from February 2012. via