Facebook Messenger 5.0 For iPhone Adds Video Sharing, Photos And Sticker Access And More [Download Link]

Facebook has updated its Messenger to the next level with the version 5.0 for the iPhone, bringing with it a list of feature improvements to the app. Facebook Messenger’s new version added a myriad of existing new chat-related capabilities and many more to dig. Here’s what is new in the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iPhone.

Finally, those with an Facebook account can now enjoy the world’s foremost social network’s new video sharing – a feature that has been eagerly-awaited by Facebookers far and wide. this new version 5.0 of Facebook Messenger boasts a streamlined design for accessing and sharing photos as well as a new shortcut for downloading sticker packs (simply tap and hold a sent sticker to download the pack). As aforementioned the major feature with the version 5.0 for iPhone will be the video capturing. Users can now be able to access and share video clips to other 200 million Facebook users within app. While, the previous versions were limited to only sharing photos and video recordings.


All in all the new and the latest iPhone Messenger app is a whole number update would suggest something of an overhaul, with a couple of game-changing features thrown in as part of a significant update, packed with some welcomed additions. And it’s not quite the landmark released indicated by the version number, but this latest example of Facebook’s concerted push to increase the release cycle of the Messenger app.

Downloading stickers is now much easier and smoother enough, many out there want to add a few memes to the conversation, and in that similar fashion, it is also easier to share and check out photos and videos, with the ability to record and share motion clips right off the bat. Admitted that this is the most complete version of Messenger to date.

Earlier this month, Facebook has already introduced us with the video calling to any country to all users in version 4.1 and. Support for creating and managing groups as well as forwarding messages joined the app in version 4.0 in late March.

Now, with this new version of Messenger app, Facebook is readying its standalone utility in order to help it better compete with rivals. Despite Facebook’s high-profile acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger – it’s biggest rival in this particular sector. Word that makes sense, and regular updates like this will ensure that this remains the agenda.

Currently, it looks like only the iOS version of the app is being updated. We’ll let you know if any such release hits the Android Play Store or the Windows Phone Store. Stay tuned to Grabi.org for full coverage!

Facebook Messenger 5.0 for iPhone and iPod touch is out today for free


(Download: Facebook Messenger for iPhone on App Store)