Facebook iPad Official App – How to Install on iPad {Tutorial}

Facebook App for iPad Leaked and How to Install Official Facebook App on iPad ? Actually, this Facebook for iPad App was hidden inside the Updated Facebook iPhone App . So, this Guide help you How to Install this App onto your iPad right now.

Where few days back, Facebook pushed out “Facebook 3.4.4” for iPhone to fix bugs and some improved Performances .This new version of Facebook for iPhone app also has the code necessary to execute the soon-to-be-released official Facebook for iPad app.

Important Note :- Only those having jailbroken iPads can enjoy facebook for iPad. So if you want to try facebook for iPad app today then follow below guide.

How To Install Facebook For iPad App

Disclaimer:- Follow this on your own risk, and this Guide is for testing and Educational Purposes only. We are not resonsible for any damage of data or Malfuntioning of your iPad.

Step 1 – You need a Jailbroken iPad

Step 2 – Install Facebook App from App Store and if you already installed Facebook for iPad App, then SKIP TO Step 3.

Step 3 – Now you need iFile, Install it from Cydia.

iFile, Install from Cydia

Step 4 – Open iFile and Click Applications ( Start iFile App and go to /var/mobile/applications/ directory) and search for Facebook Folder in it and Open it.

Facebook for iPad App

Step 5 – From here Select the Folder and Open it Quick, then Tap on the “info.plist” file and then tap on “Property List Viewer”.


Text Viewer

Step 6 – After that, Scroll down tand Locate uDeviceFamily variable and tap on it to modify that value, then change value to 1 to 2 and tap on Done.

uDeviceFamily - Facebook app Install on iPad

Drop Value

Step 7 – Now Restart your iPad and Launch the Facebook for iPhone App, means the Facebook for iPad App. Successfully done.

enjoy official unreleased Facebook App for iPad and Watch this Video on How to Install Facebook iPad App :via